• Accumulators


    - bladder, membrane and pistone accumulators

    - accessories to accumulators (insurance (safety) blocks, filling equipment)

  • Blocks


    - hydraulic blocks made from aluminium, cast-iron and steel; various designs (versions); one or more sectional

    - standard hydraulic blocks, blocks with prressure relief valve, blocks with pressure relief valve and blocks with unloading valve

    - for requirement of customer, we are able to mount the components on the blocks

  • Filters


    - suction filters, spin-on filters, pressure and return filters

    - air admittance plugs, air and filling filters

    - filtration elements

    - accessories (clogging indicator...)

  • Hydraulic pumps

    Hydraulic pumps

    - gear pumps, (axial) piston pumps, vane pumps, combined and screw pumps

    - holders of pumps (pump´s holders)

    - circulation pumps, high-pressure pumps

  • Coolers


    - air coolers, tube coolers, plate (water) coolers, combined cooler

    - thermostats

    - accessories of coolers (coolers´s accessories)

  • Directional control valves

    Directional control valves

    - electro-hydraulic valves, hydraulic operated valves, manually operated valves,

    monoblock valves, sectional valves, proporcional valves, special valves

    - hydraulic, bowden cable (wire) drivers

    - accessories (levers, adapters, elektronic units...)

  • Ventiles


    - check valves, brake valves (load control valves), prefill valves, pressure relief valves, sequence valves, unloading valves, reducing valves, throttle valves, seat valves, ball valves

    - flow control valves, flow dividers

    - connecting blocks and plates

    - valves for special aplications

  • Mini aggregates (power units)

    Mini aggregates (power units)

    - these power units are especially intended for lifting platforms (decks), machine tools, handilng devices, water and steam power stations and for small presses

    - power units with central pressure flange about dimensions 100x100mm and 130x140mm

    - these power units are equipped by check valve and pressure valve, for requirement of customer it is possible to additionally equip by valves for control of flow rate and pressure including proportionally controlled

    - includes even gear hydrogenerator (gear pump) with guaranteed noise parameters and geometric volume ranging from 0,16 to 9,8 cm3/rev.

    - operating pressures are in the range from 0,5 to 35 MPa, power consumptions are in the range from 0,18 to 4 kW.

    - drive is possible to implement in version with DC electromotors, single-phase and three-phase electromotors.

    - this wide array of basic parameters is following by many tanks made from sheet metal in volumes from 1 to 60 dm3 for various locations of instalation and next by the tanks made from plastic in volumes from 1 to 12 dm3.

    - part of some versions are pressure and return filters, standardly are used sution filters.

  • Mini power units - example from production 1

    Mini power units - example from production 1

    Small aggregate (power unit) for lifting platform

  • Mini power units - example from production 2

    Mini power units - example from production 2

    Small aggregate (power unit) for simulator

  • Standard power units

    Standard power units

    - especially designed for machine tools, steam and hydroelectric power plants, presses, cutting machines, crushers, grinders, cranes ...

    - tanks made from aluminium, plastic and steel up to 3000 dm3; gear pumps, radial pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, hand pump.. up to 300dm3/min; power of electromotor from 0,25 to 55 kW; water and air cooling...

    - due to a large quantity of components on stock we are able to deliver standard aggregates (power units) in short delivery time.

  • Standard power units - example from production 1

    Standard power units - example from production 1

    Hydraulic aggregate for press maschine

    Q: 135 + 14 l/min
    p: 20 + 320 bars
    P: 11 kW
    Tank: 480 liters