We have a horse in every race


At 1st January of 1998, 8 co-workers initiated an operation of current CHARVÁT Group s.r.o. Alongside the development of its own facility in Zbraslavice, the company soon after its establishment accomplished acquisitions with a goal to expand and complete production and sales portfolio of Charvát Group s.r.o. The group has been enriched by companies: Charvat AVHB GmbH., Charvat AXL Inc., Charvat HYKOM GmbH., Charvat CTS Inc. and Charvat AT OIL GmbH.

The CHARVÁT Group is a formation of the companies, that manufacture and supply the complete hydraulic systems:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Hydraulic hoses, bended pipes
  • Fittings for the hoses, hydraulic screw fittings, other hydraulic components


Today employs the corporate formation CHARVÁT Group s.r.o about 500 employees and achieves a turnover over 50 Mio per year.

Due to successful completion of the production portfolio, we have replaced our former Motto “We develop a tradition with a racing speed” with more accurate “We have a horse in every race”.