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CHARVÁT Hykom s.r.o.

15 years on the market with you

The company was established in 1998. Today we belong to leading Czech producers of hydraulic power units with a wide usage in engineering. We manufacture and sell hydraulic power units, blocks and complete hydraulic systems. We also arrange the sale of hydraulic elements produced by array of companies such as ATOS, R+L HYDRAULIK, BIELOMATIK, FER HYDRAULIK, WALVOIL and CASAPPA.

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Quick Contact

CHARVÁT Hykom s.r.o.

Plzeňská 2726

fax: +420 313 515 187
tel.: +420 313 515 923
e-mail: hykom@hykom.cz

IČO: 62956256, DIČ: CZ62956256

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